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Walk for Our Planet

date: November 21 or 22

register as a mobilizer: September 15 - November 12

The Walk for Our Planet campaign is an international peace walk designed to spread awareness about the importance of saving the Earth. People can mobilize with their community members to participate and educate people to develop a sustainable mindset in daily lives.


Click HERE to register as a mobilizer

A mobilizer is an individual who can sign up to host and plan a Walk for Our Planet walk in their community. When you register as a mobilizer, receive a step-by-step handbook on how to mobilize a Walk for Our Planet walk in your community! Clicker here for the step-by-step handbook.​

  • click here for a template for a flyer

Want to participate in a walk, but don't want to plan it?

No problem! Refer to the map below to find a walk near you!

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