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Steps to Start a Chapter


*does not apply for community chapters

Get approval at your school to start a Project Planet A chapter. We do not know your school policy, but please contact us if you need any help or have any questions. You may also need to find a teacher to be an advisor for the club. + read through the "Chapter Guidelines"


Fill out the “Start a Chapter” form below. If you would like to start a chapter at your school, but do not want to be President, please make sure to find someone to be President before filling out the form.

*Contact us at if you are having difficulties or have any questions.


Find at least one interested individual and an adult advisor prior to an introductory meeting with one of our Chapter Liaisons.

Wait for an email from one of our Chapter Liaisons


Create an Instagram, recruit a board to help you lead the club, recruit members and get people interested, and host an introductory meeting

Start Making Progress *refer to our "Starting a Chapter" resource

Want to Start a Project Planet A Chapter?

Want to get all our benefits and be provided our resources? As a Planet Project A club, you will have many other clubs with the same goal to work with and so many opportunities, as well as the resources and personal support to make positive change for our planet.

*by filling out the form, you are agreeing to these chapter guidelines


Secondary/Middle School Clubs

Secondary/High School Clubs

College Groups

Community Groups (represents a city)

Volunteer Team



Work with other Project Planet A chapters, learn from projects other chapters have done, and build friendships with people with the same goal


Various opportunities to partake in to learn, work with others, and make change


Organized material to share with and utilize in your community


Utilize our resources and reach out to us personally to successfully execute projects in your area or with any help you need.

You can also become a Project Planet A chapter as a current environmental club to get our benefits and unity

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