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Project Planet A prides itself on the connections and communication that we have created with others. These partnerships have been created to bring our community together, and further the education we provide for those around us.


International Unity Initiatives 

" Preparing future generation to take initiative for a globalized community" -IUI

IUI and PPA have been working on a Trade Program that is based on the intellectual discussion taking place between students looking for solutions or our environmental problems. 

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Green Schools Now Campaign 

“Transitioning every school to 100% clean renewable energy.” -GSC

GSC and PPA create events, inspire media collaborations, and both focus on the climate crisis presented to us. 



"We'd rather be empowered to take action than inspired" - Youthify

Youthify and PPA have a long-term partnership that includes promoting each other, collaborations, and events among our peers. 

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Wave Learning Festival 

"We enrich learning for students in grades 6-12 with free, accessible programs taught by a community of talented volunteers." -WLF

WLF and PPA promote each other, collaborate and create events through education for the greater well-being of the youth. 

Stone Building

Usanii Village

Usanii Village Africa is a Non-Governmental Organisation in Uganda that looks forward to a peaceful world by helping each other to join hands together to bring a better future for all children and youth through art to cause positive impact in society.

Our partnership revolves around Climate Action and through art, young people are communicating ideas that create awareness on environmental protection while denouncing practices that negatively affect the environment.  

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