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An Enemy of the People

About a small-town physician that realizes a frequent tourist destination is contaminated. He tries to save the hot spring by warning his brother, the mayor, however, he is more concerned with revenue than public safety. He attempts to save the town while his brother works against him.

Michael Clayton

Clayton is a lawyer trying to save a chemical company after a disaster. After another partner suffers a breakdown while representing them. Clayton questions his loyalty to his company or whether he should do the right thing. 


About a small robot cleaning his planet. Shows the disasters of the consumerist lifestyle and how it leads to the destruction of the planet

The 11th Hour

The 11th Hour takes a very odd approach. It focuses on the former Soviet Union and it discusses the environment. It shows how humanity impacts the environment.

A Plastic Ocean

A Plastic Ocean is a documentary about Craig Leeson who tracks plastic in the ocean. He finds that there is an extensive amount of plastic that is present in the ocean. 


Cowspiracy is a documentary that follows Kip Andersen as he researches the animal agriculture industry. He uncovers why the industry is the leading cause of many environmental issues. 

How to Give Up Plastic

The book is simply a guide on how to start giving up plastic. It details how to give up plastic.

The Uninhabitable Earth

Goes over the consequences of global warming. It details when global warming will become irreversible and when it will truly become uninhabitable.

Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are?

An accredited book that follows research done on chimpanzees, dolphins, parrots, crows, wasps, sheep, whales, bonobos, and bats. It presents the hypothesis that while animals have different cognitive abilities, they also have some that even humans do not possess. Leading to the conclusion that animals are not necessarily less intelligent than humans.

Where the Water Goes

This novel is more specific as it discusses the Colorado River, however, it could give good insight to illustrate what is occurring globally. It discusses how water from the river is used and how this affects global industries and people around the world.

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