Amishi Bansal

Director of Special Projects

Hi! My name is Amishi. I am the Director of Special Projects at Project Planet A. I am a college student from India. I joined PPA because I am a nature enthusiast and love spending time outdoors. Associating myself with the team has given me a chance to help the environment and learn new things. As a director, I aim to collaborate on new projects every month with my team.

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Natasha Keough

Project Coordinator

bio to be added soon...

Sophie Nguyen

Project Coordinator

My name is Sophie Nguyen, and I am a rising freshman from Gaithersburg, Maryland. My interests consist of educational reform, journalism, and environmental activism. I first got involved with Project Planet A when I initiated a middle school chapter, leading meetings and projects on a biweekly basis. After bridging to high school, I realized I missed the tight knit community and wanted to further pursue my passion down the line. As a Project Coordinator, I hope to spread awareness about the ongoing environmental issues that impact marginalized communities the most. Staying informed is the greatest skill you can have.

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Jennifer Kuei

Project Coordinator

Hi! I’m Jennifer and I recently turned 16! I’m currently a junior in high school from Orange County . I joined Project Planet because I wanted to see a change in our environment for the better so I thought I should help make an impact. I hope to make the world a better place since we are living in it :)

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Sophia Martinez

Project Coordinator

My name is Sophia Martinez, and I'm 16 years old as a junior this year. I'm from Orange County, California. Some of my hobbies are doing home ec., watching movies, especially horror ones, and painting. These hobbies have helped me through tough times, just like this team has too. I joined Project Planet A because I wanted to be apart of a group of people around my age that care about the planet. What I hope to accomplish through this organization is getting others to care for our future. For the future of our planet, because there is no planet b.

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Jonathan Olwenyi

Project Coordinator

I'm from Uganda East Africa, 25 years old, I love Nature, passionate how lives and livelihoods are connected to it. I'm one in many who love to Change the world for a sustainable future for all generations and I believe together with project planet A we shall achieve our goals if not all.