Leilah Brown

Director of Partnerships

Hey everyone I live in Southern California and I enjoy Project Planet A, because of the connection between me and my team members. I love what Project Planet A stands for and what we do together! I joined Project Planet A because of my concern for our environment and my need to find a solution. For my past times, I love reading, hanging out with my friends, and love playing with my dog!

sonjadurr - Sonja D.jpg

Sonja Durr

Partnership Coordinator

Hi! My name is Sonja Durr and I am 17 years old. I am from California and in my pastime, I play the viola and lacrosse. I joined Project Planet A because I want to physically see that I am making a difference in our environment. Even if it's through educating or changing a few things in your routine, every change helps. My goal through Project Planet A is to help educate our community on how emergent our environmental crisis is.

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Alondra Alonzo

Partnership Coordinator

I am Alondra and I am 16 years old. I am from Southern California. I like to listen to music and crochet. I joined Project Planet A because I love nature and the beauty it has to offer. I have always felt connected to nature and seeing it get damaged by human actions saddens me. I joined Project Planet A to be able to help people gain awareness about the climate crisis. I hope that joining Project Planet A will allow me to connect with more people that have the same passions and allow me to make a small difference in stopping the climate crisis.